Episode 116:Confetti the First, Live Hour Mix & Interview with the Dammstr8 Podcast

1. What have you been up to recently?

As of very recent, I signed with a talent agency (The ROE Agency) so I’ve been finalizing details with that and getting acclimated to the new swing of things. As of a month or so ago, I started an online open decks session on the radio station I am a manager of, More Bass. We take 6-12 DJ mixes every 2 from artists all around the world, so it takes up a fair amount of my time and energy, but it’s rewarding in the end. Also, with festival season around the corner, I’ve been ironing out the final details of my summer booking schedule. Who doesn’t love festival season!

2. For readers that might not know you so well, What is your musical background and how did you arrive at your current sound?

I’ve been DJing in the Maryland, DC, and Virginia area since 2011. Before being a DJ, I was a writer, actor, singer, dancer, and eventually that energy manifested into DJing. I learned playing Top 40, then when I played on my own, veered towards Dutch House. Throughout the years, my sound has shifted a little here and there, but I’ve always tended to stay around upbeat four-on-the-floor sounds, moving from Electro to House. These days I’m digging the deeper sounds, playing Trance and Deep House more than ever before. 3. Can you tell us an idea behind this mix? Can you tell us a bit about it?

On my birthday last year, I attempted a 2 hour mix on my weekly radio show that was all compiled of very dark, very deep, very tech House tracks. This mix is inspired by those similar sounds, but progressing to increasing energy, but ever so slightly. Really, it’s an experiment in subtle energy progression. I tried to make the pull and release of energy a little less obvious, so that you can just feel it.
4. What do you love the most about underground culture?
That’s a really big question. I’ve completely immersed myself in the underground scene for as long as I can really recall. I think it’s perhaps the “anything goes” and “no judgement” overlay and understanding among the community. It’s a place that welcomes folks to truly be themselves, without fear of bullying criticism. Judgment is chastised here, which is how the rest of our world should be, I believe. You’re welcome to find something in yourself that the rest of the world may not let you. You get to be free, here.
5. Have any plans for the future?
So many plans! At the end of summer, I’m going to try to start getting international residencies at resorts and clubs throughout the world, a few months at a time. Down the road, I really need to put the blinders on and learn to produce my own music, which hasn’t yet been in my heart. However, I know that down the road, it will be. Until then, I’m going to do my best to bring House, Electro, & Trance Music to those who are kind enough to listen. Thanks for having me on the podcast, it’s certainly an honor! Hope you enjoy the mix!
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Episode 115:Andy Grant, Live 3 Hour Mix & Interview with the Dammstr8 Podcast

1. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself and what inspires you musically?
I’m Andy Grant, founder of DC House Grooves. I’m originally from the UK, but have been here in Washington DC for about 13 years. I got into house music and started collecting records when house music first invaded the UK around 1987 / 1988, and I started DJing around 1993. I’m an avid record collector, and my preferred format for DJing is spinning vinyl…I’m a creature of habit, and I tend to stick to what I enjoy. I’m inspired by music that catches my interest, that makes me want to dance… music with rough edges, with depth, that doesn’t sound like it was freshly bounced out of Ableton. My favorite era of house music was deep house from around 1992 / 1993, when everything was hardware based, but I’m always looking for something new. Right now, I’m loving the minimal stuff coming out of Romania and France… not for everyone, I know, but I just love using the tracks as building blocks, layering them to create something new. I’m also inspired by the quality deep house coming out of Spain from vinyl labels like Minendo, Deep Explorer, Batti Batti, Troubled Kids, Hizou etc. Proper deep house for the heads. To find the good stuff, you’ve got to look beyond the charts in the online music stores and dig real deep. So much great stuff out there… you’ve just got to go out and find it.
2. What do you like the most about the underground scene?
We’ve got a great little underground scene here in DC. On the more visible side, we’ve got great clubs like U Street Music Hall, Flash and Eighteenth Street Lounge, who are killing it with the bookings, each bringing the best underground talent to DC, while also supporting local DJs. Then we’ve got the afters / warehouse scene, with crews like Prescription, Deep Secrets / MidnightProject, Sticky Fingers Collective, ROAM, Void Archive, Technofist, Kowli Records, Slope Traxx etc. throwing amazing events in some fantastic venues featuring our amazing local talent. There’s just a really positive vibe to what’s happening in this city, and I genuinely love documenting it each week on DC House Grooves.
3. Where do you see yourself and DC House Grooves in the future?
To honest with you, I’m not really looking to the future… I’m kind of caught up in the now! The DC House Grooves blog is basically my hobby, and allows me hopefully to make a positive contribution to the underground scene here in DC. Between my day job and raising my kids, I can’t make it out to support every event I feel deserves support, so DC House Grooves provides a channel to support those promoters and DJs in a different way, support, which I hope everyone finds useful. gets over 500 unique visitors each week, and with #1 or #2 placement for most Google searches relating to house and techno in DC, it helps people new to the city find their way into the underground scene quickly. I have been toying with the idea of starting a DC House Grooves vinyl record label… that may well happen in the near future. It’s all about finding the time, and between the blog, discovering new music and listening to it, I don’t have a lot of free time! I’d also like to get our locals party Body Werk off the ground again. As for DJing, I’m content with playing out locally. I have a residency at Flash, and you can catch me playing regularly at events such as Midnight Project, Sundays Rooftop and Playlist. I’ve been DJing for nearly 25 years now, but I just want to keep improving my skills and being the best I can be. There’s nothing I love more that spinning to an audience lost in the music, and as long as I can keep doing that, I’m a happy man.
4. In regards to the years you’ve been in the music scene, if you could give advice to someone who is just starting out, what would you tell them?
I get a lot of people reaching out to me either asking for gigs or asking how to get gigs, and my answer to them is always the same: hustle! These days everyone is a DJ, and no one cares if you’re any good. If you want to play out you’ve got to get out there and network. Check my picks on DC House Grooves, go out and introduce yourself to the DJs, to the promoters, get yourself known and make new connections. At the same time, hone your skills. Take the time to dig deep for new music, and don’t just play the same as every other DJ in town. Develop your own distinctive style… preferably not just limited to tracks of the same sub-genre. Keep it interesting, and practice, practice, practice! There’s some seriously good DJs on the local circuit, and if you want to be a contender, you’ll need to prove yourself. If you’re a producer, then focus on something more than generic dance floor tracks. I mentioned above that everyone is a DJ; well these days, everyone is a producer too. The barriers to entry are low, so focus on improving your skills and invest the time in producing music that stands out from the crowd. I’d also recommend going to Chadwick’s monthly Headroom event at Flash, network with other local producers, make connections, and hear your productions on Flash’s Funktion One sound system. It’s a great way to get to know what other local producers are up to and make new connections.  At the end of the day, if you really want to succeed locally and beyond, put the work in, make a positive contribution, and soon enough you’ll be on your way.

Short Bio:
Having been called the “House Queen of Baltimore,” Confetti lays down House, Electro, & Trance music like it’s encoded in her DNA. Her high-energy, fun sets light up the dancefloor and will leave you a hot mess begging for more! Quickly becoming a household name in the EDM scene in the greater DC, Maryland, and Virginia area, Confetti brings the beats that will make you dance all night long.

Soundcloud: @confettithefirst


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Episode 107: William Scott live hour mix & interview from Norfolk, VA with the DAMMSTR8 Podcast

1. Can you tell us about yourself and how you got started with music, and how you ended up playing your current sound?
My freshman year in college, my suite mate was playing “Insomnia” by Faithless, and I was instantly obsessed with the sound of house music. In 2005, I went to Ibiza and that sparked my interest in DJing big time. Later that year, I went to NYC and was introduced to Victor Calderone and I knew that was the sound I wanted to emulate in my sets.
2. What software do you currently use and how has that shaped the way you DJ now?
Pioneer 850’s. No software at all. Just my tracks on a usb stick and a Pioneer RMX 500.
3. What do you love most about the underground culture?
 I’ve always been a general fan of the underdog, which I consider the underground house and techno scene. I feel like I fit in and am at home in that scene.
4. What were your inspirations behind this mix?
The NYC trip where I saw Calderone at Crobar.
5. What are your musical plans for the future?
Spinning techno in Norfolk, VB, and up the coast. Hopefully,back with the DAMM STR8 crew in DC.
Tune in to his mix on Soundcloud.
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Episode 105: Doktor D live at Silicon Based Lifeform, Washington DC

Silicon Based Lifeform is a resident Washington DC techno event that is run by Doktor D and Darius Twin every month. This party encourages a neighborhood intimate community of like-minded individuals that are at the party completely for the love of the music.

The atmosphere of the party is dark, intimate, loving, and small. It makes everyone feel as if they are in their friend’s living room having a chat over a whiskey about life, love, and music. The party just recently came up on it’s two year anniversary and to celebrate the return of Dammstr8 after some dysfunctional computer problems, we give you a taste of the founding father of Silicon Based Lifeform’s style in this live set.

The next party is on September 24th at Dr. Clock’s Nowhere Bar. Please like and follow Doktor D or Darius Twin’s Soundcloud and Facebook Pages to keep up with the parties schedule. There isn’t much promotion for this event because they like to keep it apart of the organic theme of a night. Show up and find yourself or find yourself dancing to a tune.

Thanks for tuning into Dammstr8!

Episode 103: Peter Kirn Live Hour Mix & Interview with the DAMMSTR8 Podcast

It’s easy to think that Peter Kirn, the founder of CDM (createdigitalmusic) is a nerd first and DJ second, but his true passion for the music and his plethora of knowledge has only just begun to take the techno scene in a new direction. He has found his passion and services the culture by holding workshops and classes. He is the co-founder of the Meeblip synthesizer and it doesn’t look like his music projects are slowing down anytime soon.Originally from the States, he currently resides in Berlin and shares a studio with Jamaica Suk above Wilden Renate and continues to surprise our scene with forward thinking feedback and most of all heart.
1. For Readers that might not know you so well, tell us a bit about how you arrived at your current sound and what you love about it.
Well, I love dirty, dark techno. There’s so much that’s pristine or buttoned-up – and really, nothing against that – but I like the raunchy, grimy stuff. I think that’s also what I’ve been drawn to in Berlin; I like that there’s still techno that has a sense of humor and irreverence. So I really look up to people like DJ Shiva (shout out to “midwest techno!” Lisa), Stephanie Sykes, Headless Horseman.
I’ve also been fortunate to get to play on bills with emerging folks like Michal Jablonski of Warszawa, and a lot of this taste is certainly connected to the misbehavior of myself and Benjamin Weiss as Nerk/Kirn in the studio (we’ve released on Snork Enterprises, also connected to this thread, as well as Nerk’s own V-Records).
Also, there’s a connection with this sort of sound and immediacy in production. That’s something that’s rooted in working with hardware (or software in some hands-on way), in working with improvisation and jamming. That’s what I like to do when playing live and producing, so I’m drawn to tracks that have that immediacy and directness when I’m mixing.
2. How and where was this mix recorded?
I recorded this in one take in Traktor in the studio I share with Jamaica Suk above the club Wilden Renate in Berlin. I wasn’t too fancy with this one, just an F1 and Z1.
3. What do you love most about the underground culture?
I mean, I believe it’s important that we not just be the cool kids, or the rich kids, or whatever. I think we need music that’s personal, that’s off-trend or even uncool. I hope that doesn’t have to mean we don’t get any gigs or attention – ha! – and certainly I touch on some artists here who are doing just fine. But somewhere beneath all of it, I hope we’re still weird. Hey, even Haydn was willing to be weird.
What encourages me now is that there are people willing to dig on the Internet – not just in vinyl, for people who have the money (and patience) for vinyl pressings, but odd stuff on SoundCloud and Bandcamp and so on. There isn’t nearly enough of that. I think now is the moment we have to spread that idea. And that means throwing better parties and getting more music out there.
4. Can you tell us an idea behind this mix?
Well, it started loosely with this idea of “German love” from the vocal on Ancient Methods. Maybe it’s the violent tragedy of trying to date in 2016?
When I go out and dance I really, really like things being hard and distorted, but I never want to lose the groove in that. So for me it’s about dancing in the darkness, which is very much my Berlin lifestyle.
That’s why I finish up with Virginia’s “Follow Me” – even if that feels like a left turn. One of my favorite moments so far in 2016 was dancing like crazy to Virginia doing a live rendition of this album. It was in Berghain, so we were with that crowd, but with this totally soulful music. So that’s the heart in this record.
5. What are you up to next?
Releases! Next up is the Imaski project, which includes video with AnnaMaria Olech from Wroclaw, out on the new Establishment Records imprint. That’s about making new pop. And there’s new techno stuff coming – and some new live techno projects – plus ongoing work in the experimental domain, too. I’ve been doing lots of development; looking forward to getting out and playing more.


Tracklisting —

Perc – Rotting Sound
Lituus – PRTN__003_.1
Michal Jablonski – Down Shift
Rødhåd – Haumea (ø [Phase] remix)
Jimmy Edgar, Truncate – Submission (Jimmy Rework)
Ancient Methods – A German Love
Gemini Voice Archive – Atmospheric Circulation
DJ Deep, Roman Poncet, Adventice – Exsurgence (Reduced Mix)
Farceb – Phase Modulation
Ambre – Naïa
Pascal Nuzzo, Subjects – Maybe
Laurel Halo – Sex Mission
Headless Horseman – Haunted
Violet Poison – B2 (from Aldebaran Alabrahamis Oxakindiss)
Stephanie Sykes – Laying In The Clouds
Peaches – Rub (Paula Temple Remix)
DJ Shiva – Dissipation
Virginia – Follow Me

Episode 102: Nino Bua Live Hour Mix & Interview with the DAMMSTR8 Podcast

Since the early 90’s, Nino Bua has been a staple to the House & Techno scene. Located in Central Florida, he spends most of his time in his studio making headway with production and evolving his music production while remixing and creating original music. He opened up Dance Lab Recordings in 2010 with business partner Lenny Hoffman and created headway for the record label by being recognized by many DJs & Radio Shows. The label has been featured on online sites like Beatport, Audio Jelly, TrackitDown, & Traxsource. Since then, they have kept the passion and heart alive for the House & Techno scene in Central Florida and it doesn’t look like the label will be going anywhere anytime soon. Nino’s heart and soul has pushed his production to many levels and it is no surprise that he is a favorite of the Dammstr8 team.

  1. For Readers that might not know you so well, tell us a bit about how you arrived at your current sound and what you love about it.

Everyone always asks me about my sound and how I created it. I don’t think I have a certain sound or I don’t intentionally try to have a sound. I sit in the studio and start a track. I do favor Techno more than other genres, but even Techno could have three or four different genres LOL. All I can say is my tracks have to have some kind of groove to it. If it doesn’t groove than I trash it and start over. I like where I am at with my sound at the moment because it’s more melodic and deep groove but staying with that techno vibe.

  1. How and where was this mix recorded?

This mix was recorded in my home studio in Orlando Florida , and by using the Traktor controller S2 . It’s a very simple unit, but it gets the work done in the studio.

  1. What do you love most about the underground culture?

I have always been a die hard underground fan. From back in the day growing up in Brooklyn, New York. Living in N.Y, you always had the freshest tunes, and the club scene was always off the hook. Underground fans understand it has always been about the music. Not the fame just Music. The culture of underground is hard to understand for the new kids today. They only know EDM. The music fans of today don’t understand what underground consists of, and how it makes you feel

  1. Can you tell us an idea behind this mix?

The mix today was born from my Buatech Radio show. It’s just some tunes that I have been playing lately , and some from my Label Dance Lab Recordings, and some remixes and unreleased tunes.

  1. What are you up to next?

I am ready to start a residency in Orlando, Florida at a new fresh spot called the 100 club. Very exclusive spot. the promoter is trying to bring back that old school feel to how the underground clubs used to be like. Two rooms; two sounds. House and Techno. I am also finishing up some new tracks for Steve Mulder’s label, Orange Recordings. And a few remixes.

Episode 101: Darius Twin Live Hour Techno Mix & Interview with the DAMMSTR8 Podcast


Darius Twin, CEO & Co-founder of the DAMMSTR8 Podcast has been spinning records and supporting the underground since the late 90’s. Starting out as a Trance DJ, he gave Norfolk and Virginia Beach a footprint on the dance music map as he promoted and played some of the largest Euro nights on the East Coast. He travelled to Burning Man and Ibiza to play and promote his music and he has since been a loyal veteran of the dance music scene. Taking some time out to really focus on Music Production and the DAMMSTR8 Podcast, it is no surprise that we will be seeing great things ahead from Darius Twin.

  1. For Readers & Listeners, who might not know who you are, tell us a bit about yourself. What made you decide to start the DAMMStr8 Podcast?

Well, to start, my DJ moniker is Darius Twin & I came up with this persona when I started getting more serious with darker sounds in my music. I felt like the upbeat, super crowd friendly songs were getting played too often and I naturally just started backing away from that. I was going by a different moniker at the time and felt it was a nice change or scenery and pace. It gave me a chance to reconnect to the music and the reason I fell in love with electronic music to begin with. One of my all-time favorite video games is Darius Twin from Super Nintendo, so naturally, I felt like the name would represent me and my music the best. I just really liked the way that name sounded for a more tech-driven style of music. Around the same time that I was re-defining my music production sound, my wife and I decided to start DAMM Str8 for very similar reasons. EDM was beginning to oversaturate everything so I wanted to start something that was the complete opposite. Something that people could listen to and not hear the top 100 songs that every other DJ is playing. True, there are some gems in there, but ultimately I wanted something that screamed non-mainstream. That’s how I came up with the name DJ’s Against Mainstream Music and then the moniker would follow seconds later. It was something I felt people could connect with, and give the DJs a space and outlet to share and voice their thoughts through their music. Over 100 episodes later we are still going!


  1. What about your current sound represents you the most?


I got in the scene in the late 90’s when Trance was huge. Something about the melodies and grooves captured my heart. I guess it was the massive synths that kept me listening. Over the years, Trance as we knew it faded to the back ground and we heard less synth work and less blips and beeps. The music got darker and I loved it. A lot of the music I play now has that dark tone, and I try to add some melody or elements of Trance into it somehow. Call me cheesy if you want. Something about a huge pad or a giant synth stab really gets me excited and pumped up.


  1. What about the Underground Culture do you love the most?

The unity, mostly. People who are new to the scene are just as accepted as the veterans. Like any scene you always have your oddballs, but for the most part everyone I’ve met has just been really cool. I’ve met some of my best friends through the music and I wouldn’t trade that for anything.


  1. How and Where was this Mix Recorded? Is there an idea behind it?


This mix was recorded live while I DJ’d for POUND & ELM Imprint Record’s Yacht party. It sailed the Potomac River and it couldn’t have been a more perfect day for the event. I had no initial idea behind the mix, but as usual, these were the tracks I was/am really digging in the present moment. In the mix, I have included one track that I had just made in the studio and wanted to test out in public. My goal is always to let people enjoy themselves and try to tell a story from one track to the next. Taking people on a journey is my goal with any mix and this one is no different.


  1. Do you have plans for the future of yourself and Dammstr8?


Absolutely! I have been in my studio making a lot of music lately. Learning new tricks and applying them to my sound. There’s something about playing your own music out in a club or field, etc. It’s a feeling you can’t really explain. It just feels so amazing. I love making music and sharing it with my friends and fans. It’s a euphoric feeling I will always appreciate. As for DAMM Str8, I will continue to push it as an outlet for (underground) Producers and DJ’s to share their sounds with the world. I have huge plans for DAMM Str8 that will involve a ton of work and lots of time in the studio. It’s something I am really looking forward to. I’m excited to have all of our listeners along for this ride.


Track List:
1. And. Id – Live Life (Original)
2. Junior Sanchez, Harry Romero – San Real (Original Club Mix)
3. Chris Drifter & Nick Cartez – The Forgotten Words (Dalkloid Sound Remix)
4. Valentino – Flying (Ambivalent Remix)
5. Coyu, Cari Golden – Profound Pleasure feat Cari Golden (Original Mix)
6. Untitled
7. THNK – Into You (Extended Mix)
8. Weiss (UK) – Get Em Funk (Pele & Shawnecy Remix)
9. Jel Ford – Backyard (Original Mix)
10. Enrico Sangiuliano – X-Pollination (Original Mix)